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Remember Names & Faces (English)

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In our day-to-day life, we need to remember too many things. Remembering names and faces is one of them which we all are supposed to do. Those who are students or professionals whose jobs involve meeting and handling a large number of people on every single day need it most. But contrary to all our expectations, most of us often fall short of the mark.

But don’t worry. Keeping these rampant issues in mind, Mr. Chahal – The Memory King has structured a course to help you out. Once you join this online course, you will soon realize that those tough tasks would become just child games for you. The course is equally important for all types of people. Mr. Chahal has brought in various difficult techniques of memorizing names and faces through this module in the simplest ways possible.

The introductory section has a main content named as precisely the same as the name of the main course “Art of Memorizing”. In fact, we've got a full-length course on techniques and methods of memorizing. And the course is useful for the people who just wish to learn how to memorize names and faces in a very short time. This section will teach you the general techniques to increase your power of memorizing things easily and effectively. In this section, you will also understand the mind, brain and memory and how each of these works and contributes to your memorizing things as a whole. The third and fourth sections will guide you through mnemonics and their applications.

Mnemonics are some kinds of memory devices in the form of rhymes, acronyms, images, phrases, etc which help you to remember and recall any facts even larger chunks of information. These are one of the most effective and result-oriented devices used in memorizing names and faces. By using these devices, you can quickly sharpen your memory skills in an exciting way. You’ll soon discover many exhilarating and inspiring ways of applying those mnemonics in memorizing names of the books and their authors, inventors and their inventions, countries and their cities or the names of the people you meet in your everyday life. Your Subconscious Mind plays a pivotal role in memorizing things. So, the course creator has worked diligently on this as well. The fifth chapter will also prove to be the most beneficial tool for you. In this, you will learn a plethora of ways to condition your Subconscious Mind to reap the maximum benefit out of it. Once you learn how to harness the power of your Subconscious Mind, memorizing things will be a child game for you, no matter whether it's a small or a big chunk of information. You’ll also be able to remember and recall various names and other pieces of information in chapter six.

To promote interest and motivation in you, there is plenty of quizzes incorporated in the course that will expedite the process of your learning, for sure.




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About The Course -

Art Of Memorising -


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What Is Brain ? -

What Is Mind? -

What Is Memory? -


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Principles Of Memory -

Self - Meaning System -

Link Method -

Quiz-1-Art Of Memorising-Basics

Applications Of Mnemonics On Names & Faces

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Practice on Books & Author Names --

Advance Memory Principles -

Practice On Inventor Names -

Outstanding Face Features --

Names Relating With Faces -

Subconscious Mind Conditioning For Names And Faces

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One Feature Move -

Most Powerful Exercise --

Simple But Useful Things -

Names With Other Information

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Add More Information with Names --

Conclusion --

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