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Forgetting Cycle

This curve shows how information is lost over time when there is no attempt to retain it

Short Term Memory

STM is the capacity for holding information in an active, readily available state for a short period of time.

Long Term Memory

Long-term memory (LTM) is the stage of the Atkinson–Shiffrin memory model where informative knowledge is held indefinitely. It is defined in contrast to short-term and working memory, which persist for only about 18 to 30 seconds.

Notes Taking

Discover methods of notes taking to understand concepts effectively. This approach will help you to retain information for long time. Smart study approach can reduce a lot of stress.

Use Of Multi Senses

Multisensory teaching techniques stimulate the brain in a variety of ways so that each sensory system becomes more developed and higher functioning.

Revision Plan

How to get your revision plan right. Be realistic and plan time away from your work to avoid burn-out! Make sure you study the hardest subjects first, and not at end of day when you are tired

Krishan Chahal - Your Trainer

Guinness world record holder Krishan Chahal is world renowned memory expert. Hailed as ‘’Memory King’’ he is two times world and two times national record holder for memory. His feats are acknowledged by Guinness Book of World Records, Limca Book of Records, Record Holders Republic, Open Record Book and Pi World Ranking.He has memorized the value of pi up to 43,000 decimal places and recited with 100% accuracy in 5hrs 21 minutes. His techniques have reached more than 2 million people around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Art of memorizing works in two ways.
1. It helps us in using our existing memory to the maximum potential.
2. It helps us in expanding our memory further by improving our natural faculties.
This art follows a holistic approach to improving your learning abilities. Anybody, in general, can use it to enhance his/her memory.

Yes, in these courses we are teaching about memory, study skill & mind power. These are very useful for every student. Everyone needs these quick and effective learning strategies. But it is a kind of must course to do when you are competing with others.

Go for the All in one category and choose course according to your grade/profession. These courses include all the three main courses Art of studying well, How to improve your mind power & Art of memorising? Lessons in these courses are different as per the level of courses. Then you do not need to purchase any other course. This is a complete solution. For more detail you can read descriptions of the courses.

All courses are accessible via website on browser of laptop, desktop, iphone & android but app is only available for android users. ​

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